Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Basketball Conditioning

Sooo.... I had basketball conditoning yesterday for the highschool tryouts and now i can barely even move. I am so so so sore! We lifted weights for about thirty minutes, then the coaches lined up these really high stool things and we had to jump up on them and land with both feet then jump back down thirty times, then we did an ab work out, then we went outside and ran around the whole schoool complex. I was the sixth to finish out of about thirty people, which is pretty good. But i was soooo tired! So now im just trying not to move that much, cause im so sore!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New York, New York :)

I just got home from new york city. It was the most fun i've ever had. I got to go all the way too the very tip-top of the empire state building. I got to go inide trump towers and Donald Trump was there!!! But i didn't get too see him. I went to a broadway musical(called wicked). It was the best show i have ever been to. The singers hit notes that i didn't even know exsisted. We saw nick lachey at broadway(he's jessica simpsons ex-husband and a actor). I ran at full spped toward him and tackled him onto the ground and his securtity guards escorted me out. Hahahahaha... Got'cha! That only happened in my imagination. I just stared from a distance. But my sister did get a picture with him and his autograph, which is pretty cool. Walking in time square was quite and experience. One man stopped us and told my mama she had sexy nostrils. I know, weird right? I enjoyed touring New York on bus, even though i was asleep through have of the ride through central park. We went to the john lennon memorial and to walked through strawberry feilds. Me, Amber , and Anna Katherine all got matching umbrellas at H&M. We also wen to a "Toys R Us" that had a ferris wheele inside! We went shopping in china town. It was soooo much fun! I got a Coco Chanel Pocketbook and a Dooney & Bourke pocketbook for 35$ each! This chinese lady took us into a little bity hallway and called this man on her cellphone. She went outsde and stood on the sidewalk for like 15 minutes. All of a sudden this chinese man came out of an alley on the opposite side of the road and took us back into the hallway to give us the bags. It was so crazy. Quite the experience. On the last day we took a ferry to ellis island and went to a museum. It was POURING. I was so wet already that i didn't even bother using my umbrella. By the time we got to the airport to catch our ride back home i was soaked from head to toe. I looked like a wet dog. It comes to find out that our flight had been canceled due to severe weather in Atlanta. So we stayed in the airport untill 8:30 that night. I have to admit that it was fun. We all sat on the floor playing cards. Half the group ended up catching a flight that night. I was not in that half. We had to go back to a hotel and stay the night. We all stayed in one room till like 1:30 watching the Late Night Show and cramming pizza into our faces. The next morning we got to the airport at about 9:30. Our flight wasn't untill 1:30, so again, we sat on the floor and played cards. It was such a blasst! I am so thankful for the trrip being safe and fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gone to the game

I'm bout to leave my house to go to madison county to watch a baseball game. My cousins are crying and slapping each other(UN-CALLED FOR!) And me and amber are about to go bonkers. The 2009 Rams baseball team isn't what you'd call good. Actually, they're terrible. But the games are still fun to go to. Sure we've lost 4 out of 4 games, but we still gotta put on for our city :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've been pondering on a question for some time now. I've tried to explain this question to a vast ammount of people over the years, but nobody can compare to my curiosity.

What if the color i see green as is what other people see purple as. But no one would be able to tell me i'm wrong because that's what i learned green as and that's what they learned green as. Does anyone know what i mean? Like, for example, what if i see an apple as red, but what i see the color red as other people see it as what i see purple as. Or if i see the sky as blue, other people see it as what i see green as but too me, their green is my blue.

I have no better way to explain this.